"Moneylender" kept asking me to transfer money for various reasons to "activate" my loan

Anonymous | 19 Jun 2019

Loan Scam
I was in need of money at that point in time, I was lured by an ad that was sent to me by WhatsApp. On June 15, I went to inquire on the loan, the person asking for my particular, bank account number billing address and a copy of my ic number.

At first, it was like normal information to approve the loan, in the beginning after they have a process they say they have a mini loan for me amount at $400 an in 5 days I need to clear back $600 for activation on the account. I did the transfer on the 5th day.

On the 5th day, I was asked to transfer they asked to transfer another $600 for admin fee/ GST and will refund when the loan is approved, yet again, I did a transfer for the admin fee with cash deposit machine. I thought it was alright given that I deposited money directly to the account. But oh boy I was wrong! Creditor claimed that they didn't receive the money and I need to redo one more time which is another $600.

So I did make another transfer and you know what they say, I have a penalty of $500 TO CLEAR BEFORE MY LOAN CAN BE APPROVED. Trouble started from this point on as  the creditor started making me feel like I was to blame for not doing the whole process correctly. So, I transfer the $500 penalty fee.

After paying all this amount, the problem doesn't stop here, the creditor is still asking for more money with a reason that I need to activate my loan again which cost another $700, please be aware not to fall on this situation like me.