I lost $2,700 to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 19 Dec 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I met the scammer while browsing through tinder. I didn't suspect her to be a scammer. Was talking to her normally, until she mention her services.after i mention where i stay. she was being persistent that i should visit her when i was free during the weekend. As soon as the weekend hits, i was supposed to go somewhere else for personal stuff but she was being PERSISTENT that i find her during the weekend. So when i went to the location which was at blk 532 ang mo kio. she told she needed my number so the manager can call me. when the manager call, he asked me to pay using alipay credit. i obliged. i DIDN'T know something was wrong until i transfer a total of $2700. after i fed up that the person WASN'T showing up,. i just IGNORED the calls from them. they started to spam call and message stating that they will hunt me down and mess with my family. while the girl was trying to convince me why i should pay up as it part of their "Quota" which is stupid as to why it was not mention at all. So if you got numbers that are from +852 and +34, they are most likely not in Singapore.

Note to guys out there, never trust any girls who you never meet before in your life.