Scammer posed as buyer on Gumtree to "purchase" item

Anonymous | 19 Aug 2019

Online Purchase Scam
1) How it happened
I post an adv in gumtree to sell my old laptop. I got an sms from sean, who sounds interested. He asked me to reply in email. I did. I tried to reply to the sms. the sms failed though I tried multiple times. i suspected something wrong. I deleted my gumtree adv. I got the following email later in the evening. I ignored it.

Hello i am Mr Sean Paddy from US,how are you today and how are your
families ? hope all is good ? well i am interested in buying the item
for my Child in Thailand presently, so kindly get to me with the total
cost of the item including the shipping cost to her address below with
post office, i will make payment through either PayPal or Bank
transfer...Kindly get back to me soon

First Name-Lizzy
Last Name-Paddy
Address: 42/1 Sihaburanukit Road, Min Buri,

Thanks and have a blessed day

2) When it happened

3) How much was lost.
personal information