Credit-for-Sex scammers kept asking for money!

Anonymous | 19 Aug 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I started chatting with a girl i met on michat whom i thought was very attractive, she told me she was working partt-ime as and was offering massages and additional services at $100 for 2 hours, $200 for the whole night.

Of course, dumb old me decided to give her my mobile and meet her at 112 bukit purmei road and someone by the name of 山猪哥 from 红顺堂 called me, thats when He asked me to purchase 500rmb alipay credits. When i i heard this, i was pretty Upset and hung up, but Following that, i started getting texts threatening to find me and my family.

Being scared, i made the purchase of the first 500rmb (transferred to [email protected]) alipay credit, And was coerced into doing it another 2 more times (ThEy originally insIsted on me TRANSFER 1200 worth of credits as protection for the girl), but i had not much $$ so i ended up with 2 more subsequent transfers of 500rmb. They called again but this time i was fuRious and i told them off and hung up.

Please do not fall for their threats and just walk away from it. once you give in, they use threats and fear to coerce you into making subsequent transfers.