Scammer claimed to be from SingPost

Anonymous | 18 Oct 2019

Impersonation Scam
I received a call from "Singpost" claiming i had a parcel that must be collected today. Press "2" to be put thru to singpost. I pressed "2" and was connected to a person who took my name & Singapore FIN (as I didn't have a parcel slip number to refer to). They then explained that there was a problem with a parcel I had sent which had illegal contents, from guangzhou international airport. They put me thru to an official who, by way of authentication, called me from a caller-ID which matches the phone number at Seemed legit, although i realise I should have called that number rather than let them call me, as caller-ID may not be trustworthy... They proceeded to get me to send pics of both sides of my singapore IC, a selfie and my singapore drivers license. eventually a friend and work colleague looked at what i was doing and passed me the link to this site where i searched and quickly found these similar stories. I then hung-up the call. But so much information given away already :-(