Beware of loan scams

Anonymous | 18 May 2021

Loan Scam
I needed a loan and submitted my name & contact to a few companies found on Advertisement online. Benson from Tan and Jiang Enterprise Pte Ltd contacted with me under these number 8255 938? and 6978 841?, my CBS, Money Lender Bureau report and finance personal info given on 17May2021

After approving my loan, we discussed & signed the contract for 16k loan. He demanded upfront SGD1387 as to secured the loan before the 16k is released. I paid on 18May2021 Morning

After banked into this account 701-305-43?? UOB, He then sent me a screenshot of a 26k UOB bank transfer made to me. He says their Credit Department made a mistake and his manager would like to offer this 26K loan amount

He apologized and offered a good deal for the extra 10k, so now will need to have SGD2234 and to top up another SGD847 on top of the transferred SGD1387

I sensed something wrong, called up my OCBC to stop this transaction and i checked on Scam Alert online and found out that this situation is similar to Scammer Scamming Stories, I headed to lodge a police report immediately

I lost $1387 in total.