I lost money to Online Purchase scam

Chloe Tan | 18 Mar 2020

Online Purchase Scam
Saw a drone in shopee (swiss limited), and was interested to get it. When i chat with the seller on shopee platform, an automated message saying "interested buyer please whatsapp to 92453326". I whatsapp him (HE NAMED HIMSELF "NAYA") and he said orders have to be directed to them as they are only using the shopee platform for advertisment. So after much convincing, i decided to trust him and transfer him $300 to his Malaysia acc (he claimed that their sg ocbc acc is down). He promised that the delivery will be the next day. The following day, he texted saying that they have run out of stock and will have to deliver from their malaysia store and that will cost another $300 for tax and insurance fees. I told him i can't pay so much, then he offered to help me pay $100 so i just needed to pay another $200, which will be refunded when they deliver the item. So i transfer another $200, but the item was not received on the same day. The following day (today), he claimed that their delivery van is spoiled, which caused the delay in delivery. He promised that the drone will be delivered today. After a while, he claimed that there is another issue and that will require me to transfer another $400 for stamp fees (WHICH HE CLAIMED WILL BE REFUNDED WHEN THE ITEM IS BEING DELIVERED). AT THIS POINT OF TIME, I KNEW it was a scam. Currently, i am in the process of contacting his boss (nor arian Binti Sama) to request a full refund. 🤞🏼