Buyer started to threaten me when I found out she was a scammer

Anonymous | 18 Feb 2019

Online Purchase Scam

I had listed an ad on Gumtree to sell a handbag about a month prior to the incident. Suddenly i was contacted by Whatsapp by someone claiming to be a mother needing an urgent last minute birthday present for her daughter. She told me i needed to mail the bag out to her immediately so that she could get it the next day as she would be overseas after. She asked for my postal code to help arrange a courier service for me. She then asked for my bank account number to transfer me the money for the bag and the courier service. I gave the bank number but told her not to send me the money until i confirmed the shipping. She then sent me screenshots of an apparent wire transfer from bank of America. At this point, I had called courier companies and many told me that it was impossible for the bag to arrive on the stipulated time. So, I told her that I would refund her the money and that we should stop the transaction altogether. I checked my bank and no money was received and in the screenshot she sent it said the wire transfer was 'non-refundable', which was strange. She then proceeded to spout vulgarities at me and threatened to ruin my life and that I would "be dead in 24 hours". Her story didn’t check out as wire transfers also usually cannot happen over the weekends and she sent me a screenshot of her account balance to "prove" that she had paid. I told her she could call the bank since the wire transfer did not go through, and to cancel it, but she still didn't give up.

I went to the Police to report the matter as her behaviour was highly suspicious and I was feeling afraid that I could be targeted.

Photo Evidence: