New online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 18 Dec 2020

Investment Scam

Got to know this guy through cmb and thereafter we moved on to whatsapp. Eventually he start to introduce an investment app that you've to install via a 3rd party link which it doesn't look legit. Hence i kept decline his offer to "earn extra pocket money".

However, during the conversation, there are a couple of loopholes that you will know he is a scammer.

List of examples:

1. Saying he is a taiwanese but having a china accent and holding on to a hongkong line.

2. Telling you about his occupation (doctor or lawyer), but you're unable to google him.

3. During this pandemic period, he is in singapore for work purpose and staying at mbs, when mbs is no longer a shn hotel.

Hence to everyone, be observant when talking to someone that we just know from social media.