I lost $70k to Investment scam

Anonymous | 18 Aug 2020

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
I met Alan on tinder. claims to be taiwanese. i was smitten by his looks. chat over line app. a week later ask about my financial details, what investment i made.. then showed me how much he made on forex trading. i was curious and asked him to teach me. first acted unwillingly ask me to think through it thoroughly first. when i say yes, i want to learn. made me promise whatever i earn i need to donate to charity and not be greedy. this made me believe him more. then introduce me to a lady customer service (SARAH) through line. and ask me to put in at least USD30k usd in. I did so. and registered in this trading platform company call poseido?.

2 weeks later i received message from sarah saying there's a promotion, if i put in more money i will get bonus amount. and alan encouraged further. i added another 30k as advised by alan. 6 weeks later alan disappear. and so is sarah. i cant log into the poseido?account anymore.