What i bought is not what i received.

Gerhard Schick | 17 Nov 2018

Online Purchase Scam
Website is offering clothes at first glance but also has sub-sites to promote electronic gadgets, in my case a Nebula video projector. I should have been suspicious about the cheap price to begin with but somehow still signed up for one piece. Address and contact details were asked on the website, however no payment details. Just cash on delivery.

I haven't heard anything until 2 weeks later a delivery company in Singapore Ninja Van called to deliver a parcel. Cash payment was done to the driver in exchange for the parcel.

Only after opening I realized that a total other product was inside. A cheap PC speaker worth pretty much nothing.

When I called the delivery co to return the product they said once the driver marks the item as delivered automatically the sender receives the money from them and there is no way to stop this or recall the funds.

Going back to the seller website obviously no real contact details could be found and just a fake return policy page.

Photo Evidence: