When I refused to pay for my "gift", my online friend threatened me

Anonymous | 17 May 2020

Internet Love Scam
Met this guy who claimed to be from Singapore but brought up at LA, Chris Zhang.. we been start chatting in Instagram and then change to chat on WhatsApp... we chatting like best friend, 10 may then Chris tell me he already buy some gift and try to send to me from LA send to Singapore.. what I need to do is just pay the local fee for the package with 20kg valuable item.. I was shocked when heard that the package was 20kg!

I started suspecting it was  scam and he tried to ask for my home address, which was an old address. I received a message from WhatsApp hp no = 91365926 and asking me make a payment S$3500 for received the package, and I try to contact Chris why I needed pay so high cost the payment, he ask me don't worry he already put $4000 inside the package, after I made the payment, I could get the money in the package I told him that I refused to accept the package. He became angry and to threaten me to get me into trouble with the law since he has my address.

I am so lucky from starting I already suspect him and never giving my detail except my hp no