Scammers can state my Mom's details

Anonymous | 17 Feb 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I was recently contacted by 64366693 who was impersonating singtel on 2nd february 2021 regarding my home's fibre broadband, stating that I was referred to as a contact person by my mother regarding this. she even stated the full name of both my mother and i during the very start of the phone call.

She also mentioned that my broadband had to re-contracted before that week's Friday, otherwise it will be terminated, and requested for credit card details to proceed with the payment. when i told her i have to discuss it with my family, she mentioned that she will give me a follow-up call which thankfully did not happen after.

When I got home, I checked with my mother about this, but was told that she received no such calls from Singtel and did not refer me to be contacted by Singtel at all.

i then contacted singtel to check about this and was told that there was no such number (+65 64366693) registered under any of their departments.

IT'S a bit scary as the scammer knew the relation of my mother and i, as well as our full names.

hope everyone will be aware of such scam and am concerned of some data breach somewhere since our names and relationship was known by the scammer.

additional info: tHE SPEAKER was a female, and HAD A VERY STRONG INDIAN ACCENT.