Scammer of Credit-for-Sex scam harassed me when I refused to make payments!

Anonymous | 17 Aug 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam

Same like the rest. Approached by a taiwan girl on michat. Said give services. Name was xiaoya. Tel no 8817118?

Then went to designated meet place. Girl said boss will call. Boss "Ah kun" did call. Then asked to pay by alipay on AXS.

No card available. Then i said too troublesome. Dont want service. He say want to chop me and that i am trying to challenge their gang. Say ask me to pay $100 by google play card. If not chop me track my phone etc etc. To prevent trouble decide to pay. Then after that next day another boss called me say is ah kun’s boss. Say must finished the transaction even if i dont want the service. Must pay $1000 security and they ask the girl to give me in cash. I told him i will give them $100 and tell them to stop harassing me. Gave the card no and still they harassed me. Blocked all the numbers. Hopefully they will not harass me anymore.