Another who claimed to be from "Starhub"

Neil Thyer | 16 Sep 2019

Impersonation Scam
received 2 calls on viber from "Starhub Telecom", first call appeared to be an indian dialect I did not recognise.
Told them in ENglish, they have a wrong number, Say on the line - I hung uP.
They called back a minute later, a man with european accent, identified himself as from starhub.
He asked if I knew starhub, then repeated my phone number back to me, and told me my number was entered in a lucky draw and I had just one $50,000.
I said, No I didn't, and that this is not real and I would report him to the police.
Then ask me where I was from
I hung up again, blocked his number in VIBER and reported it here.