Always do your checks to ensure that you don't get scammed

Anonymous | 16 Nov 2021

Online Purchase Scam
it was a sponsored ad on Facebook, in mid-september 2021, claiming that it was the official Lacoste store in change airport that had to fold because of covid and bad business, and they were clearing stock. The link would direct you to a page where you could choose the colour, sizes and cut (male/female). Payment would be cash upon delivery (so you have less worry about sharing credit card details). I bought 5 pieces meant as gifts for friends and family. so what happened was that the items arrived, you would pay the courier in cash, and then when you inspect the items, they were clearly not originals (much less from the official store at changi airport) and of an inferior quality (like those on the street stalls of bangkok), with suspicious packaging. So naturally you would email the company and asked for a refund, but they would stall for time, claiming that they are transacting while an agent, and the agent will require 3-5 weeks to process the refund.

After 6 weeks when I tried to contact them again, as there had been no news from the "agent", they would already cease operations completely and no longer respond to messages. $83 for a lesson learned (including not being opportunistic and greedy), but I hope no one falls into this trick again as this is clearly cheating (fake advertising, etc) .