Do not respond to loan advertisements!

Anonymous | 16 Jun 2021

Loan Scam
Was contaCted by ray via whatsapp regarding a loan offer. As i was in urgent need of money i started to enquire more and sent my Payslip, Identification details as well as my bank account number.

Was told that my loan for $3000 was approved but his compAny had to do a test loan first. He immediateLy sent me a screenshot oF a transfer of $500 to my account and told me that i had to repay $650 within a week For the test loan. After 1 week i kepT asking for the account number for repaYment but ray Told me to pay $150 first for deferment even though i did not ask for any deferment to the test loan.

A few days later, he gave me another account number and told me that the repayment amount was $650 even though i had already paid $150 before. He mentioned that the initial $150 would be “refunded” to me along with the $3000 loan. That’s when i figured that i had been scammed.

Not wanting to deal with any harassment, I transferred the $650 to that account number and told ray to cancel my initial loan application. I then made a police report. The worst part was that not long later my bank account was frozen by my bank as The initial $500 sent to my account was from someone who had been scammed too. I had To wait almost 2 years for my bank account to be unfrozen by the bank due to the long Investigation process. So much inconvenience all to (but) no thanks to the scammer!