I lost $6,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam!

Anonymous | 16 Jun 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam

I was approached by this taiwanese student called 啊翔 on a dating app, and he asked me to add him on line (AY832). HE OFFERED MASSAGE SERVICES FOR 100sgd/2hours, and was friendly throughout the conversation. When i went to the meeting place (I.e. Axs at hougang central), he said that he would need me to talk to his friend. Shortly after, his friend (坤哥) called to say that as this student was on a student pass, it would not be convenient for cash transactions. Hence, i would need to pay rmb500 FOR the massage services via AXS (Alipay), and subsequently another sgd2,500 worth of alipay as deposit for the safety of this student. I demanded for a cheaper price, but he claimed that this was part of HIS hotel AND UNDERGROUND CASH VAULT regulations, and warned me that HE HAS MY PERSONAL DATA AND THAT if i don't pay up, my family and i will land up in trouble. He ALSO TRIED TO calm me down by guaranteeing that I could retrieve all my money upon meeting the masseur, who would make sure that I would enjoy a high level of service.

After doing so, he continued to ask me to withdraw sgd1,500 (and then sgd2,000) as other forms of security deposit, in the form of apple cards. He claimed that his big boss WOULD NEED MORE assurance from a first-timer. He also deliberately let me overhead his conversation with his bosses in an attempt to have more credibility. Upon doing all these, he then asked me for another SGD$3,000 as security for other forms of financial arrangements before he can refund me the cash through my cash. It was then I suggested to stop ALL CONVERSATIONS WITH HIM AND THE STUDENT, despite threats or persuasions from these people.

THE MASSEUR CONTINUED TO LINE ME thereafter and asked if I could purchase another SGD$150 worth of Apple card. After that, he would meet me to pass the rest of the cash. He continued to say that he has no intention of lying or scamming me, but this is part of hotel regulations which he cannot go against. He said that he had tried his best to mitigate with his big bosses on his behalf - hence the eventual amount of $150.

As I have already resigned to the fact that i could not take back the rest of my money (After contacting the bank and AXS) and that they would demand for more, I rested my case by telling him that I will only do so if I see his face in front of me, and he passed me the rest of the case. He insisted that he would only travel down to see me after I completed the purchase and show him the card via LINE. He has not replied me since i propose such way of meeting.

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