Beware of loan scammers!

Anonymous | 16 Apr 2021

Loan Scam
Recently looking for a licensed moneylender to borrow $5K, while approving to get the loan they actually tell me to go through a short term before I can loan the amount of 5K because I am a first timer, so here how it goes, he told me to provide NRIC and a saving bank account. Once I did, he transferred me an agreement on WhatsApp than he said he will transfer me a $400 but after the deduction of the admin fee($100) in the end transferred me $300 and charged me a interests of $300 so I have to return in 5 days a total amount of $600, but til now the person remain uncontactable after transferring me the $300, maybe he wanted to delay and tell me to pay more in the interests, this is all

For everyone out there, please be vigilant and be aware of this person using this kind of method charging you interests and threatening people, I had made the police report. 

Editor's Note: Please note that unlicensed moneylenders can impersonate as licensed moneylenders by creating fake websites using their details. Please contact licensed moneylenders via the contact details and visiting only the websites found in this list Licensed moneylenders are not allowed to approve loans remotely.