I was scammed by an online friend

Anonymous | 16 Apr 2021

Internet Love Scam
We met on an online dating app. He took time to convinced me that he was a real deal by having a regular work schedule time to talk only during the so called free time and sending photos of his daily activities once in a while. His excuse for not being in Singapore was he needed to visit his parents back in China and needed some time before coming back to Singapore.

He started sharing how he has a side income through cryptocurrency usdt trading. Despite my initial reluctance, he insisted that I should try. The initial amount started at only usd$800 but over time he would pretend to put in money to my-so called account and pretend to trade on the app with me to earn money.

There was emotional pressure and time pressure put on me to put in the investments as he claimed he went to borrow money just to enable my account to trade in the highest category section. The worst was he actually had a fake relative who joins the chat to pretend that he was a real deal too.

Eventually their fake advice ended up making me lose all my so called investments. Which is probably all fake transactions on a trading platform. The biggest fear now is my data floating out there since real data of photo ID had to be submitted for creating an account.

Do not trust any Chinese successful professional online whom you do not see in real life and don't invest unless it is an accredited Mas investment products. I was emotionally affected by the experience and lost my common sense to judge rationally.