Scammers started to harass me when my bank account got frozen

Anonymous | 15 Sep 2019

Loan Scam
was sourcing out for personal loan online when bumped into website looks legit, with office address , phone number and moneylending license provided. enquired via whatsapp and a representative by the name of kenneth called and was asked to fill up necessary forms to provide personal details inclusive of my nric and cpf statement. within half and hour he called back to inform the loan was approved but was told to do a trial payment first before releasing the $5k loan. (1st flag)

the next day after the application, an amount of $550 was being transferred in my account. then instruction given was to make a first payment of $250 then followed by $800 on specific dates. on the day before the first payment, was surprised when kenneth called and requested for $100 as admin fee. (2nd Flag) both admin fee and first payment was transferred via online banking to A same account number. when it comes to second payment, instead of clearing the $800, kenneth requested to transfer $250 to a different account number. (3rd Flag).

after making the 3 online transfers, the next following week, realised my account was frozed by the authorities for investigations. Authorities told me to block the number and not contact them. but eventually they started to harass me with different numbers and threatening to hurt my family and neighbours.

so peeps, doesn't mean if website is available, everything is legal. Not worth to go through all the trouble.