I was threatened to pay more to get my loan

Anonymous | 15 Mar 2019

Loan Scam
Intended to loan amount from this company , fast cred?? pte . The person name in whatsapp is lucas/nick

At 2 march 2019 Is wanted to loan cause urgent need money . So come to this company to Ask .

This company will tell you to start loan a small amount of $800 to start an account but only given $500 By ibanking transfer to your account . $300 is the lucas commission . after that will process your Wanted loan amount .after 3/4day they will ask you transfer A $300 for defer on 6 march 2019 then they will go missing one day on 13 march 2019

After that come back using different number they will use excuse they mc, whatsapp number Cant use dont know why, on 14 march 2019. After that they will say they one day send 30/50 person to ask people To take loan that why Whatsapp is blocked and report by people .

On 14march 2019 the settlement of $800 i transferred to their so call company account posb saving 406-0395?-? After When you did by ibanking and send them receipt Of transfer they will say must go to atm transfer they need ATM receipt . If you dont transfer another $800, they will say $800 never received and the interest will continue run cause your account is still active

please beware of this So call company fast credi? pte ltd

Don't be the next victim