Scammer managed to trade on Carousell using different accounts!

Anonymous | 15 Mar 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I just lost $100 to a carousell seller. His account name is benjamintan99 and to date nicholas245. He is selling USS tickets for 50$ each. He said he won 3 etickets and he is selling as he wont visit universal studios. He is very engaging...Explaining that he wont be able to meet up as he is very busy at work. when i questioned him about the authenticity of the tickets he was so confident. he advised that he is willing to refund in case it wont work at USS or even better report him to the bank that if i feel he is a scammer. I've never had a bad experience with Carousell and so I fell into the trap. Once he received the money, he started giving excuses (Eg very busy at work, will send during his break) and then he ignored all my messages. I then found out that he is a scammer when people left messages in his listing following up on their tickets as well. He was only selling 3 tickets but we were 5-6 people following up!

He is still online everyday in carousell. he just keeps changing his account name or opens a new account. What a shame!