Don't be swayed by scammer's honeyed words

Anonymous | 15 Jul 2020

Internet Love Scam Lottery Scam
This man is from China and claimed live in Hong kong working in corporation that issue business license for company that wants to register in Hong Kong.

This person was in my wechat for a long time, We never meet in person and did not talk much until 3/14/2020 Shelter in place started that we talk more about work and daily life like a friend. He will say good morning and good night on daily basis, and ask more about how my day goes etc. He also ask if I want to plan about house purchase (kind of weird but chat between friend about buying house is normal) or do investment since I seem so trouble about money. The chat goes on about 2 months.

He then confess to me that he think I'm his soulmate and wants to spend the rest of his life with. He keep promised me that once I'm able to to go Hong Kong, he will take care of me and bring me around. the whole romantic word you can think of to cox a girl. he become more interested about how I manage my finance, (first alert). 7/6/2020 he said he will be busy with a new company's licensing and hope I can help him manage his Chinese lottery account online site MACAU Venetian. Being too helpful, I assisted him, submit bet for him. Later he start to convince me to register my login to the site and claim as a good investment in lottery for fast money since I'm helping out his account. (Alert 2, and I done research and found the site only register online 2 months old). I did went in to do a simple register and the site's live CSR chat give a personal bank account for transfer money (BIg alert). I refused to do what he ask, he begin become aggressive over Wechat and trying to sound reasonable that he is helping me; while I'm bring unseasonable and stubborn. I ended up telling him no and blocked him.

1. Never fully trust a person you never meet in person. Especially someone claim to be from China but work in Hong Kong on any social media.
2. Always do more research and investigation of any website given from the possible scammer.
3. scammers are professional at ID your personality and work like a Psychologist. don't give in to coxing, It is your hard earn money at stake.