Caller claiming to be from Amazon

Anonymous | 14 Sep 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Scammer called claiming he’s from Amazon. Ask if I have authorized a transaction for SGD2412. I said no and he said he will stop the transaction. He then mentioned and “checked” that it’s my phone number that ends with xxx last 3 numbers. I started to feel suspicious as the background noise from his phone was very noisy and can hear other people talking. He sounds too aggressive to be a staff from Amazon. Straight after, he asked for my email address. I ask how I can verify he is calling from Amazon and ask why he need it when Amazon already has my email address. Scammer said he need me to verify my identity using my email address so that he can stop the transaction. I refused and my husband took over and told him we will call the credit company to cancel the transaction. He said that it is no use and the transaction will go through unless he verifies my email address. My husband asked him to send 2FA to my email address and told him off before he hung up on him. This guy has a heavy Indian accent and the number shows local line number with a prefix of +65.