Don't fall prey to Credit-for-Sex scams!

Anonymous | 14 Sep 2020

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Found a girl who provides services. Was told to meet at the location, upon arrival, she said her friend would contact me.

A guy name Ah Pao contacted me and said that singapore police uses cash tactics at the girls so that they could arrest them if I were to turn out to be a police officer. To be safe, he he asked me to buy Google Play card.

From what he said, i was 70% percent sure that it was a scam. I told him before I would buy but would only give at the end of the session, he agreed.

Proceeded to buy the giftcard and told me to Scratch and send the code to the girl. 100% scam, I told him that the code contains the money and I aint dumb. Tried to persuade me by saying why woUld he waste his breath for $100. I then say no obviously this is a scam and he threatened to kill me with his gang and my family.

He claimed that my information was known already and he knew where I was. I blocked and went back home.

I am pretty sure all of them are from China and they couldn't do anything!