I lost $300 to Credit-for-Sex scam!

Anonymous | 14 Sep 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Met this girl name "Xu luo" on WeChat providing massage. $100/2hrs $300/overnight. agreed to meet at Lavender MRT.

upon reaching, she told that first time customer will be contacted by her boss. as she is alone and after her boss called, was instructed to go to the axis machine to buy some $100 TAOBAO credits. and keep the receipt.

I bought the Alipay online credit $100 and wait for her. Then the boss call from USA name Jackie Aguiler (+17863445798). the boss claimed to be from 洪顺堂 阿虎 asking for more credit of $600, I reluctant to pay another $600 and the boss threatening to track my address from my number and threaten to kill me. I was laughing to myself, is this fucker wanted to kill me for the only $600??

I shut down my phone and decided to walk off. Next Xu luo called and told me is their procedure. I don't know why i have trusted her and agreed to pay $200 instead of $600. after paid, the boss asked for more money otherwise they will have their lackeys to track me. I ignored and blocked the these fuckers contacts.

I loss $300 to these scammers on 14 Sep. just to alert others not to fall into this trap and I plan to file police report.

so please don't fall for this type of scam.