Scammer posed as potential tenant!

Anonymous | 14 Oct 2019

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Email received from lady enquiring about room rental. Beware of those free rental online sites as i suppose it came from there.

- she replied my email quickly and always rushing me to get back to her and that she will pay in advance the money to secure the room.
- i got suspicious when she transferred more money than i asked for and insisted that i help her transfer the extra money she sent to her mover and she gave me mover address which is in uae.
- my suspicion was arose because she was quite rude on the email by insisting that i must help her pay the mover else she can't get her stuff over to singapore.
- i was almost prepared to help her pay but i figured i will wait until i receive all the funds before i do that.
- because she was rude, i told her off on the email and even said i won't transfer as she didn't ask for my permission on the help.
- but she replied and still insisted i help her do the transfer and that's where i got more suspicious and decided to ignore her.
i waited more than 1 week and checked paypal a few times but still received no funds.

please beware of the language used as i realised their english is not proper considering she's a singaporean.