Scammer still wanted to cheat me even though I saw through his ploy!

Anonymous | 14 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam
It's started inviting me to friend in FB.. I accepted afterwards he gave me his number in whatapp. We talk there almost everyday until he professed his in love with me because I'm caring and understanding. Me so gullible answered him. He said he has one son and old mom. I believe everything he said because he said trust me. I started to get doubts when he avoid video call. He call me twice only. He send me pictures but he seems not American as what he says. His more like white Indian. I didn't tell him my doubts until he keep me sending pictures which seems not in Africa. Until one day he think he already make me really in love with him and he sure I believed everything she says... He said his hotel was robbed his son get hurt with the gun and the officer is dead. He got all his belongings and I'm only person can help him. Even his company got angry with him and no friends wants to help. I ask him how can be assured his telling the truth he send me picture of the son in the hospital which I doubted all the more because he says his in Africa for work but people around the hospital look like Chinese. So I blocked him even though keep insisting to call me.

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