Received a Cyber Extortion email? Ignore and block

Anonymous | 14 May 2020

Phishing Scam

I received an email with this content :

I am aware, Xxxxxxxx , is your pass word.

I require your total attention for the the next 24 hours, or I may make sure you that you live out of guilt for the rest of your existence.

Hi, you do not know me. But I know every thing regarding you. Your entire fb contact list, smartphone contacts as well as all the virtual activity on your computer from previous 132 days.

Which includes, your masturbation video clips, which brings me to the main reason why I am crafting this e-mail to you.

Well the previous time you visited the adult material webpages, my malware was activated inside your pc which ended up saving a eye-catching video footage of your self pleasure play simply by triggering your web camera.
(you got a exceptionally unusual taste btw lol)

I have got the complete recording. Just in case you feel I am messing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the recording randomly to 10 people you know.

It might end up being your friends, co workers, boss, parents (I don't know! My system will randomly choose the contacts).

Would you be capable to look into anyone's eyes again after it? I question that...

Nonetheless, it doesn't have to be that route.

I would like to make you a 1 time, non negotiable offer.

Buy USD 2000 in bitcoin and send them to the below address:

13jRXWAtMANs7BifJWoyPYGD*rbJ7H5E6j (Note: Fraudulent Bitcoin address)
[case SENSITIVE copy & paste it, and remove * from it]

(If you don't know how, lookup how to purchase bitcoin. Do not waste my valuable time)

If you send this 'donation' (we will call this that?). Immediately after that, I will vanish and never ever contact you again. I will delete everything I have got concerning you. You may continue living your current ordinary day to day lifestyle with zero concerns.

You've 24 hours in order to do so. Your time starts as quickly you read this e-mail. I have an one of a kind program code that will inform me as soon as you see this mail so don't attempt to act smart.
Editor's Note: If you received a similar email, ignore and block the sender.
Change the password of affected accounts.


Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
Set up strong passwords consisting of alphanumeric and special characters