I cut off contact when online friend asked for $50,000

Anonymous | 14 May 2019

Internet Love Scam

Got to know this civil engineer, 39 yo from CMB in March 2019. Born in Singapore, grew up in Glasgow. Came to Singapore last year for a while as his mum was sick & died (dad divorced). Now in Glasgow, building a mall, coming back Singapore permanently in May. On CMB for 4days before going to WeChat. Professed love after 10days. Text & call every day with sweet quotes. Goes to church every Sunday. Claimed ex-gf cheated on him w his friend & money. Plan to buy house in Tampines, sent flight details & hotel stay info. Cant video chat. Bad English. 1 week before returning sg, building that he was in charged of building faced some issues and 4 men injured.

He rushed there but abused by client onsite & in the end, w the help from British embassy, client ok to settle for $200k pounds compensation. He managed to raise $150k but needed my help for the balance. Did not reply him thereafter.