Scammer tried to fool me by pretending to be a buyer

Anonymous | 14 Mar 2019

Online Purchase Scam

A buyer named Jason contacted me via email and shown interest on some items I listed on carousell. He said he was at USA and if i could send the items to Indonesia for him. I first refused and said i only trade locally then he provided a Singapore shipping address. (look like a hdb address). He them asked for my paypal account email and i sent him my direct link. He did not use my link and insisted i give him the email address for the account. I gave accordingly. He then said he transferred the money and asked me to ship ASAP. I logged into my paypal and see no transaction then i double checked the email and found it was by PayPal Intl but sent by [email protected] I then verified with paypal and then agreed that this is a scam.