Scammer impersonated as a DHL staff

Anonymous | 14 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
i received a call from 99332960 which is in mandarin claiming that i have a parcel delivery but nobody is at home, press 9 to link to customer service to instruct them on what to do with the delivery. a chinese speaking lady spoke to me to ask me how she can help me. i told her i was directed to this line because i am not at home to recieve my goods. she ask for parcel number but i did not have it. she then told me to give her my name and came back with my hp number. she told me that i have requested to send a prohibited parcel from sg to guangzhou. i told her no i did not and say she needed to hand me to her manager to speak to me as this is a special case. i ask her where is she calling from and she told me she is from dhl - kallang. then the manager too over the phone and told me the same thing. thereafter i hang up.