Don't be too quick to trust strangers!

Anonymous | 13 Sep 2021

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam Investment Scam
Get to know her thru those social app, claimed that she is PR and her mum is sgrean. i didn't suspect anything wrong at all. then she will ask you to help her thru her investment portal, she will pass u her account and password to gain your trust. so i followed her instructions accordingly, and get to see how she earned from that so-called loophole. in between, she'll contact you a lot to show care and concern to you.

at the same time, try to get you to open an account and earn money together with her. initially small amount, then she'll try to smoke you, putting higher amount. finally you will receive a msg from the cust service telling you, you're selected for an lucky event. as she mentioned she had been thru this event, and its her third time, etc, telling to register for the event too.

neither did she say a lot about the "event" nor did I ask a lot of questions, i just did it as per told, without questioning, asking, nor did I read properly. after you reg for the event, it does state that you are enrolled, u have to hit a certain amount, and during that 2days, you cant withdraw your money out. in between that 2 days, she will find ways to help you top-up by borrowing from her 'friends', and then she'll start telling u, her friends is chasing the $ back from her, when can I settle that target. finally, she said she tried her best, she managed to get $x, still shortage 5k, she had no solutions already, if i can get the balance 5k, she will top-up that $x amount to my 'account' again.

as I thought even if i didn't hit that target, I can still get back my amount. after speaking to that cust service, they reply me saying that if i didn't HIT THAT AMOUNT, my account will be suspended and block.

YEAH, CONCLUSION, I REALISED ITS TOO LATE FOR ME. so the next day, I made a police report.

The moral of the story is don't fall for fake compassion; it's all fake! Don't be greedy, Don't trust anyone that you just know blindly, especially one whom you got to know online!