Beware of SingTel Tech scam!

Anonymous | 13 Sep 2019

Phishing Scam

I received a call from "36185568" introducing himself as "robert" from singtel.

Sound very real and anxious, saying that singtel server reported virus has infiltrated into my home broadband

Clam that they need to check some ip address connection that let in virus.

Try to phish my home network IP network connection info using "netstat scams" method.

I tried to accommodate them for a short while, until they ask me read some of the output script from the "netstat command",

I simply hung up the call without revealing anything

"Robert" immediately called me back but now using a hp number "95227981",

And now he insisted that I run  "cmd" command on my PC , but now using a different "assoc" method. And asking to read out some script results from the command. I did not reveal any info but tried delaying him, and after several attempt to delay, he sense not right, and immediately hung up my line, and never call back again.

I am sure this is a "netstat scam" and/or "assoc scam" case, trying to phish for some ip address/open port to access to my home network, and retrieve sensitive data from my home broadband network.

Beware that there is this ongoing scam. Don’t give information or follow instructions given by a stranger without checks.