I lost $1.3k to a job scam

Anonymous | 13 Oct 2021

Job Scam Job Scam

There was a person text me at Telegram asking whether am I looking for a part time job then ask me to WhatsApp the lady name Jennifer (84643784). So basically is a local number so I think should be ok. Then ask me to register an account in a link provided and help the agent. The job is register an new account on the "EY" group platform to increase sales for merchants on a task-by-task end, tasks may range from 40 to 120 per day, and you get sgd20 for registering an new account in "EY" group platform now. The job is recharge by myself to help merchants do robotic task, completing 40 single jobs in 20-30 minutes and your commission will go directly to your own account. Once you have registered your account, send me your invitation code and i will register my name under your account and so that you can get my 20% commission. This is the link to register for job on the "EY" group platform

http://www.dddas.live (Note: DO NOT CLICK)
invitation code:qtl8k3

"You start with 65 without the + symbol
after you done register, send me your invitation code."

That’s what the agent send me. After I done the first round and was just a small amount and I manage to get my money back so I think was legit. But after that money start to increase until at least need to top up another $2k that is when I think is not right so i report it to police. It still texting people in telegram or Facebook to ask people to join. Hope it helps to spread the awareness of this scam.