Scammer might have used some other people's picture to fool you!

Anonymous | 13 Oct 2019

Internet Love Scam
Met jimmy on CMB Within a day, he asked me to follow his instagram id: jimmykasun. We then moved to ig for chats. In there, he told me he is an orphan of chinese origin, adopted by a rich family in uk, grew up & educated in uk, recently spent usd $5Mil to divorce his wife. However, his tone and way of expressing a bit childish, Doesn't sound like someone who's in his late 40S, gone thru so much and doing a successful biz. He said he was in sg Because plan to start a CONSTruction company in sg. But when i asked DId he made friends wih anyone when in sg, he said i am the only one, the other one a hotel manager in sg. When i became suspicous abt his identity, i looked thru his ig profile and notice his photos were few and recently uploaded. Most of His 'followers' LOOKs like FROM SEA, with very few caucasian looking ONES. Something unusual for someone who has grown up and worked in uk all these while. He did NOT ask to meet me or speak with me over phone, but got so CHILDISHLy offended when i asked him for a selfie photo. I suspect this is a scammer who has stolen SOMEONE'S ig account to con PEOPLE. I hv SINCE BLOcked him and unfollowed him. But notice recently his follower group has grown bigger. He might change his name to continue cheating others, so pLEase check out this profile picture and beware.

Photo Evidence: