Scammer knew so much about me

Anonymous | 13 Nov 2019

Internet Love Scam
Actually i first met this guy in instagram then he asked my facebook account and i gave him. I really don’t have any suspicious since he video call me ONCE and he has A very good grammar.

We make a CALL AND HE SPEAK REALLY GOOD ENGLISH. Short of THE STORY, i begin to trust him evEN feel IN LOVE. AND I SHARE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING PICTURES AND VIDEO WHICH HE USE LATER TO threaten ME when one DAY HE ASKED FOR MONEY AND I REALIZE THAT HE IS A SCAMMER. I Didn’t GIVE HIM THE MONEY AND I BLOCKED HIM IN EVERY OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA, i deactivated my social media account AND CHANGE all MY NUMBER. I blocked every access for him to contact me. It frustrated me because he knew so much about me. He told me that he listed all my family member and close friend.. But i Told him to do anything he want that make him happy. SO THAT THIS IS MY LESSON FOR NOT TRUSTING SOMEONE EASILY. I share because i care.. Please never share anything to strangers.. You will regret it for the rest of your life. I don’t lose money at all but i guess i lost more than money to him. I feel I lost my way and heart broken. Even until all this time i can’t forget everything and it hurts every time i remember him.

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