Beware of Loan scam!

Anonymous | 13 May 2020

Loan Scam

I was looking for a personal loan online. I was unfortunately landed on a scammer google ad which misrepresent a licensed moneylender. This scammer texted me requesting for my nric, 15 mths cpf statements, latest payslips and nok particulars. I was scammed a total of $32k as their "processing fee". The whole incident was very traumatising. Scammers will misrepresent those licensed moneylender and usually will use numbers which cannot call through.

Please beware of scammers and just report and block if you receive any.

Editor's Note: Please note that licensed moneylenders are not allowed to advertise their services online, via messaging apps or SMS. They are registered with the Ministry of Law's Registry of Moneylenders (see list here: List as at 1 May 2020.pdf). Some scammers may claim to be staff working for licensed moneylenders so the safest way is to get in touch with the moneylender via the contact number published on the website or to visit the physical office.