"Buyer" became hostile after I shared that I would only send the phone after I received the money

Anonymous | 13 May 2019

Online Purchase Scam
Identical to scam listed on this forum on 23 April where victim lost phone and $30 courier charge.

Scammer responded to Gumtree advert for iPhone, saying he needed to deal on WhatsApp. He said he needed to buy a phone urgently for his daughter's birthday the next day, and as he is working offshore he can only do via bank transfer and he would add $50 for me to pay the courier. I gave him my bank details and address. He sent screenshots of the supposed transfer via Bank of America , but I said that I would only send the phone when the money is in my account.

At this point his manner became very hostile and abusive saying he has all my details and he will get me, repeatedly sayingthat I would die soon.

Having looked at the other postings here can see that the same person / syndicate has already made many EFFORTS to scam other people. Below are screenshots from the fake Bank of America transfers, they use different phone numbers, but story always the same that they need to buy urgent gift for daughter or relative and it needs to be sent immediately.

Please be aware.