I lost over $5K to Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 13 Mar 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I was being approached by this girl called 茜茜 on Wechat and she told me that she was a student in Singapore and is working as an escort. she offered me sexual service for$ 100/2 hours or $300 to book the whole night. i refused at first but after conversing with her, I accepted it. as i was overseas and only arrived on 11 march midnight, we agreed on meeting up the next day, 12 march 2019. she told me to go to the bedok north esso station and told her once i reached. she asked for my contact number for easier communication.

after that her agent called me regarding the payment, saying that i have to pay as a deposit in case the girl was being 'bullied' and many other reason which came 1 at a time after i made payment. after the 7th transaction, i backed out, and fled. but they threatened to locate my location through my phone number and threatened to hurt my family. out of fear, i made more payments.

I was scammed a total of $5442, including 3 itunes card ($100 each) and axs alipay machine.