I lost over $2,000 to Credit-for-Sex scam!

Anonymous | 13 Jun 2019

Credit-for-Sex Scam
I found this girl 'MENG QI' IN Locanto. I added her in line and i was quoted 1.5 hrs for $100,4 hrs for $200 and $300 for overnight. I chose 4 hrs and i was told to meet her at clementi mall. I tried to be careful so i kept my credit card and all personnel belonging at home and only brought cash. when i reached clementi mall, i was told by meng qi that a guy will call me to ensure i was no link to police. the guy called me, said to ensure safe transaction, i need to pay the girl through alipay and keep the receipt for the girl, that's how the girl get the pay. i was persuaded and went back home to get the credit card and followed his INSTRUCTIONS to transfer 1000rmb (~$200) to the account [email protected] i message Meng Qi that i finished transferring and the guy called me again, said i need to deposit rmb9000 (one transaction is max to be rmb1000, so need transfer 3 times to ensure my identity. i missed heard what he had said in phone and i deposited only rmb3000. i was so tired because he kept asking for additional fees and he claimed that these money will be refundable. so i did it, and messaged meng qi again. the guy called me, guess what, he asked for medical insurance for the girl to make sure she won't be hurt in the deal (total RMB12000 but this guy 'ah kun' said he helped me to cover half of the fee, so i need to pay rmb6000). i told him i have no more money and he persuade me to borrow form other people. i was quite lost that time as i just wanted my money back, i borrowed $800 from my friend and went for the transaction. thanks god, my credit only could go for one rmb6000 transaction and not enough to go for second transaction. i felt totally hopeless and so called 999 and went to clementi police station to make a report. in the meantime, meng qi (the imaginary girl, who never appeared) sent me video that how people got hurt by them because of cheating them (what? not i'm the one being cheated?). Ah Kun also messaged me he will check THROUGH my contact number and find my working place, hurt my family etc etc.

here i just want to say, money never come back to me, and currently i'm safe. don't hope that money is refundable, i hope that my story is pretty clear for you and don't be the next victim. Thanks!