Don't be fooled by online friends!

Anonymous | 13 Jan 2020

Internet Love Scam
he (james hee) messaged me on ig, wanted to make friends with a Singaporean. Claimed his parents migrated from Singapore to USa (Colorado springs), he wanted to come back to Singapore. claimed he's a marine engineer trying to win a contract from Keppel corp. he called, don't sound like an American, very strong accent, I cut off the voice call and tried to call him back with video call, he covered his camera, pretty sure he's not real, cos the photos he sent seemed to be taken professionally.  Chatted for a while with him as he said he's coming over to Singapore to get the contract, claimed he needed $5500 to pay for his accommodation in Singapore in order to win the contract, but his agent ran out of cash to pay for him. he asked me for help to pay $4000 on his behalf as bank transfer needs 5 to 7 working days. he didn't succeed the first time, told him I have no money. 2nd time asked for $7500. send me fake flight details, awarded certificate, too many loopholes. almost believed him, but he didn't bother to do his homework. caught too many clues to confirm he's a scammer. didn't lose anything, sharing the story for everyone to look out....