Don't fall prey to job scams!

Anonymous | 12 Oct 2021

Job Scam Job Scam

Lady called Cherry Loh reached out to me on tele, asking if I'm looking for part time job and join their project. She gave me a number +6581069982, Corrina Lek and got me to contact her for more info.

By grabbing things in ecommerce platform called overstock, just to boost order numbers which need to complete 45 mission than they allow to withdraw back the funds with commission given to you. All you need to do is to top-up the goods amount and paynow to different people. Every time bank account given was different.

The orders were small initially. I managed to withdraw the first round and I thought thinking it was safe,

But at the 2nd attempt, the top up amount grew, I could only withdraw upon completion of 45 missions; the product price is boosting up to $8000 and that time I had already transfer $11k. Asking me to ask for a loan to pump in the account, but I claimed that i had run out of fund and almost all the people said can lend me the balance of $500 unless i top up the remanding $7500.

I whatsapp-ed the company asking for a refund but they said "u must complete the 45 tasks then only can withdraw all."

The system has strict rules that everyone must complete 40 orders before withdrawal. If the merchant complained 3 times, then you are deemed to have not completed the order. It will then be frozen. To unfreeze, the only way is to reduce the number of agents who do not complete the order you need to find a way to finish as soon as possible and hopefully you can withdraw your funds and get your commission back as soon as possible .Then, I quickly went to NPC to lodge a report.

Must take note and be vigilant to prevent scammer.