I fell prey to a Credit-for-Sex scam

Anonymous | 12 Nov 2021

Credit-for-Sex Scam
An impersonated friend of mine messaged me (12/11/2021) on WhatsApp asking me to meetup asap for a massage. I mistook this information as going out for a massage together and agreed to it. She then called me that she was cash strapped and asked me to lend her $100 using ITUNES as payment. After that, I received a call from +65 81592980 telling me that he was her boss and that there was a procedure which I needed to perform, which was to give more money in terms of iTunes cards. Then I was asked to give $600 more as an insurance for not losing the cards. $800 was asked as they had no spare change (the 2000 spent at the end was supposedly to be refunded). Threats were given when i refused to spend the money (concerning family and myself). When they asked for $1200, I told them that I really had no more money and they told me that i could pay when I receive my salary (and meet up with her when I pay up). I decided to make a police report as it was seemingly like a scam (and it was concerning my personal services) and the lady was giving sexual services. I lost a total of $2100 before realizing it was a scam.
And a word of advice would be that if you are ever threatened by anyone online, just file a police report and block the number (it is probably spoofed). They may continue to harass you but just ignore it :>