I was told to pay over $2k for my 'gift' that contained $16k cash

Anonymous | 12 Mar 2019

Internet Love Scam

Tan Ng approached me on Facebook and ask if he can have my whatsaap number. I gave him my whatsaap number and we communicated thru whatsapp. He told me he was working as a pilot for a commercial aircraft and he lived in taxas city.

He sent me a few photos of him. Yesterday, he said that he would be sending me a parcel containing iphone, jewellery and handbags to me. He also said he would be including usd$16,000 in the envelope placed in the same parcel. He said I could use it for myself and my kids. Part of the money, to pay for the clearance and delivery charges at the custom to clear the parcel. I was very confused, usd16000 is a lot to pay for clearance and told him that i don't think it costs that much. I don't need so much money for myself too. He then told me he is coming to singapore in june and we could spent the money together. I WAS VERY CONFUSED THINKING WHY would he trust me so much to send me these expensive present.

Today, someone who claimed to be the clearing AGENT NAMED ALEX, ASKED ME THRU WHATSAPP to transfer $2,450 to a POSB account for clearance and delivery charges for the parcel. I told the agent that I don’t have the money and requested the parcel to be returned to the sender. Tan Ng contacted me 5 minutes later tell me to “help” him as usd16,000 was in the parcel. I just ignored his text and went into facebook to check the earlier messenger i had with him and to my surprise, tan's facebook account became invalid. Immediately i know it was a scam. I whatsaap him and tell him that he had played the game well but fortunately i do not have that much money in my bank account to transfer to him.