I fell prey to a job scam

Anonymous | 12 Jan 2022

Job Scam
I received this Telegram message from a "Bonnie" and she asked if I’m interested in their part-time job that I can do on my leisure time like weekday night or weekend. As long as I’m over 19 years old.

Following day, this lady named Gina contacted me on Telegram and WhatsApp, shared a bit of the job and led me to the website: https://www.x-affise.life/index/my/index.html (NOTE: Do NOT click) and asked me to use her account for trial. It was an easy job, just clicked traffic data and completed 50 missions and I earned $109 commission. Registered and tried myself with her guidance, first day (10 Jan 2022) during the mission which required 3 top ups (to recharge/renew) with my own cash total $84, after I completed 50 missions then I could withdraw and earn $145 commission. This was just by clicking “Create Traffic date” and mostly household appliances, gadgets or furniture sales. On 2nd day job, I completed 50 missions on Gina’s account and earned $400+ commission and thereafter this was credited my account. She told me to proceed to complete my 50 missions. During the mission, sometime my amount always became negative which it required to top up (to recharge/renew) and I had topped up total 9 times total $65,692. At 41/50 missions, it required to top up $37,777 if I wanted to complete the mission. This was when I felt fishy and got scammed.