There are so many loopholes in scammer's story!

Anonymous | 12 Feb 2020

Internet Love Scam
Met a guy tru instagram on 5th of feb 2020, said from uk and is an engineer, and was told story said almost did something crazy after broken with ex. everyday will drop simple msg, but on 8th of feb, suddenly said he went shopping for his mum, and tot abt me also bought me gift. at first i never think too much and thought just a normal postcard or souvenir, so just gave him address.
thn the next day, he claim tat sent by EXPRESSES and told me i have to pay some fee when parcel arrive. he also said he put 45000 pound in the parcel cos he want to use it when he visit singapore.
i was shock, in my mind, as a high educated engineer, why can he put money inside the parcel? he DOESN'T know that it will confiscated by custom. and NOWADAYS, the credit card is convenient to bring oversea, why must put the pounds in the parcel, was him crazy?
and in the afternoon time, a guy with malaysia phone number text me said the things from london to me need clearance and i have to pay clearance fee at S$4200 as the things overweight at 35kg?
S$4200 for clearance??? what is the thing inside and it weight more than 35kg?
i asked the uk guy, he said is a surprise and asked me to settle with the delivery man immediately since there is 45k pound in the parcel, so i request the delivery man to send me the photo of the parcel, i want to see how huge is the parcel. but he refuse to send me and said he has no right to do it. and asked to do the only cash deposit to his dbs personal account.
the 'uk' guy said the gift is worth more than 1k pound but i have to pay S$4200 clearance fee, and the gifts was stuck in malaysia custom. he said i can get back the money when i received the parcel. he keep calling me for several times, but i told him i was in meeting, and he asked again my address, search for me the nearby atm and asked me to bank in to the delivery guy immediately, i told him i was busy, will bank in later after work, but he keep calling, i refuse to answer and just text him said i was busy..
then i have blocked both of the delivery man number and this uk guy number immediately.
1) never believe people said they put money in the parcel
2) no matter how express, delivery from other countries at least 3 days
3) delivery company must have company bank account and company phone number and will always able to check the parcel
4) no allow bank transfer must be something wrong
5) parcel from uk to singapore but why have to do clearance in malaysia?