Scammer started threatening me for more payments

Anonymous | 12 Dec 2021

Credit-for-Sex Scam
MEt this girl online call ting on okc changed over to wechat and continued talking over said ahe provided "services"

Asked to meet up with her didnt know what i was thinking at that time but on that day itself she asked for my contact number after a while her boss called 啊拢 contacted me asked to transfer over the initial fee of 150 through an app that was texted over through the girl razer silver and gold than when the transfer not successful was told to buy itues/razer cards from 7 eleven, q50 became 400 400 became 1200 and when he asked for another 2000 i realize it was already too late and it was likely a scam. Got threatened by the guy saying he would come find my family and i straight reported to the nearest police station headquarters to lodge report. I always thought i would be smart when these kinds of things happened and i guess not. I hope others wouldn't fall into the same trap as i did. In total lost 1500 but gained a valuable lesson in life.