I lost $300k to Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 12 Apr 2021

Internet Love Scam

He FB Messeged me thru social media app and claimed to be china international stationed in euro(in my case germany). He was very persuasive and claimed to be ceo of few compaines. Within days he confessed his love to me and claim he wanted to meet me. Shortly, he convinced me to invest in share downloading(bitthumb) and got me transfered money thru internal banking. I was convinced after he showed that i have made profit and able to withdraw small amount of money back to my account. This got me to pour in even more money to invest. I started to realised this maybe a scam and try to withdraw the money out. I was told i need to pay some sort of tax to get back my money. He continue to convince me he is not scammer and to trust him. After i transferred all my money, he ghosted me.

Profile photo - fake handsome muscular guy
money lost - $300k
Police report has been made